Advanced Weekend Nonfiction Intensive: Writing Relationships with Leslie Jamison

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Tuition includes two workshop sessions, breakfast and coffee on workshop days, all lunchtime business panels, a ticket to the opening and closing parties, a digital one-year subscription to The Sun magazine, and discounted lodging at local hotels.

Few subjects are more essential or elusive than relationships—not just doomed love affairs and long-haul marriages, but vexed sibling ties, primal-scene parental bonds, and life-long friendships. Our lives are structured and sustained and tortured by our relationships—are literally made of them—but they are one of the hardest things to write well: How do we capture the many layers of feeling that inevitably compose any relationship worth writing about—all the rivulets of longing and irritation and need and shame and grace? How do we choose the moments that illuminate the core of a relationship, and keep complicating it? How do we disrupt the overly simple stories we’ve told ourselves about the relationships most central to our lives—keep letting them become stranger and more surprising than we’d understood them to be? In this workshop, we’ll be reading published writing that conjures relationships in nuanced ways, and discussing the craft complexities and possibilities of rendering intimacy on the page.

We’ll also be talking about writing by participants, and to that end, writers are invited to submit up to 20 pages of writing by May 12—either a personal essay or a memoir excerpt—that focuses on a relationship of any kind.

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Jun 10, 2023 8:30am - 12:00pmJun 11, 2023 8:30am - 12:00pm