Anyone worried about the state of the art of moviemaking: you can relax. We'll be ok, if the summer blockbuster AMAZOMBIE is any indication, the creation of students in the online Making a Short Film for Teens writing camp. Here's instructor Ken Thompson on the moviemaking magic:

          We worked together, stayed focused, AND had fun — 3 elements to a successful project in any field. 

          On coming up with the film idea: The students were put into multiple, randomized groups to brainstorm ideas. We combined those ideas to create a final, all-inclusive story.

          The whole filmmaking process, even through zoom, was incredible. I’ve previously worked as a background extra on the sets of Netflix’s Mindhunter, and the movie Southpaw — These experiences, watching the great directors David Fincher and Antoine Fuqua do their thing, have been invaluable to each film’s success.

          Overall, teamwork made the dream work. Together, we made art.

So grab your popcorn, candy, and soda, and enjoy: